Program Maintenance

Program Maintenance & Follow up

A recently implemented program will be exposed to erosion factors, like recently installed equipment. Both require ongoing maintenance in order to ensure long term effective performance. Our Program Maintenance services provide your designated management representative with the necessary coaching to perform as an effective in-house consultant on the particular function. Although our consultants are always at your service, we strive to assist you in achieving self-reliance. TLC Group will ensure that programs remain up-to-date and effective in their purpose.


Health & Safety 

Monthly visits by our consultant ensure that your program remains current with the latest developments and legislative requirements. We attend your Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings and ensure they are carried out effectively. Our consultants carry out Physical Condition Audits to ensure your workplace remains pro-active towards accident prevention. We are available to answer questions and/or provide guidance.


WSIB Claims Management

We will train and coach your staff in the effective handling of claims to minimize costs and facilitate the prompt return to work of an injured employee.   


Return-to-Work Programs

Facilitate the prompt return to work of the injured employee by providing a system, which enables the client to respond immediately and in most cases, avoid a "Lost Time Accident".


Appeals Assistance

If your firm doubts the validity of a claim, our consultants will provide the necessary assistance to deal with your attendance at all appeals and hearings.