W.H.M.I.S. Training

WHMIS: Generic And Workplace-Specific

Subject to the number of participants, amounts and varieties of hazardous substances being used and the manner in which they are used (risk of exposure), the time frame for the course could be from 3 to 8 hours with approximately 30 participants (being trained for their first time).  The number of participants can be increased, if the nature of the substances is simple and requires minimum discussion.  Fewer participants (or reduced risk of exposure - due to methods or a smaller variety of substances) results in shorter discussion periods and therefore less time (to a minimum time frame of 3 to 4 hours.  Annual reviews are usually accomplished in approximately 50% of the time required for first time training.)


Generic Portion:

  1. Development of WHMIS Legislation, Background and Definitions;
  2. Legislated requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Industrial Establishments, as related to WHMIS:
    1. Employer's responsibilities
    2. Supplier's responsibilities
    3. Employee's rights & responsibilities
  3. Requirements for workplace worker training
  4. Toxicology
  5. Hazard recognition
  6. Hazard assessment
  7. Hazard Control
  8. Labels/Hazard Symbols
    1. WHMIS (Workshop)
    2. Consumer Products (Workshop)
  9. MSDS
    1. Contents
    2. Interpretation of MSDS contents (Workshop)
    3. May include other workplace-specific materials (please see below)

Workplace-Specific Portion:

 Approximately 65% of classroom time will be applied to cover items # 8 & 9, as they represent the most critical WHMIS elements.

Workplace-specific contents and areas of concern to be addressed would be finalized with the Joint Health & Safety Committee OR Worker safety Representative. We recommend that each participant be supplied with copies of MSDSs for the two most commonly used hazardous materials. These copies would be used during the MSDS workshop, to enable the participant to understand how to obtain critical information for safe use of the product/s specific to their work area.  Depending on the nature of the process, additional workplace-specific materials may be required (sample containers of substances being discussed and/or process-specific procedures).

Generic Portion:

Items 1 through 3 can be covered within 15% of classroom time. Items 4 through 7 can be covered within 20% of classroom time.

Course length: 3 hours to 8 hours (Subject to number of participants and/or nature of process).


How can I get more information or register?

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