Accident/Incident Investigation

A systematic, problem-solving approach for identifying the root cause of an accident or incident. Using this approach, your firm's management can then implement the required controls and prevent a reoccurrence.  This seminar and work-shop equips you with the necessary skills for conducting a proper and successful investigation.

You Will Learn:

  • The legal requirements of an adequate investigation
  • How to obtain and uncover facts
  • The correct method of interviewing witnesses (what to do and what should be avoided)
  • How to encourage witness co-operation
  • Which are the right questions to ask ... and which questions to avoid
  • The effective, systematic and problem-solving steps to any investigation
  • How to determine the difference between an immediate and root cause
  • How to determine corrective action
  • Reporting, follow-up and corrective action

Course length: 4 hours or as One-Day Training Workshop – Maximum: 16 participants

Lecture, videos, overheads, case-study, discussion of workplace-specific forms/documents (provided by instructor and any provided by client) and discussion generated by question and answer periods.

The Training takes place on client’s premises. The assigned training area will need to be equipped with tables and chairs to accommodate up to 16 participants. Training equipment, such as Flip Chart/White Board and Audio/Video will be discussed with client as to availability/requirement at time of scheduling course.


How can I get more information or register?

Once you have selected your subjects, please proceed to the Training Inquiry page and complete the online form, indicating the Courses and number of participants. One of our training staff, who will be glad to provide you with all the information you may require, will contact you.