Manual Lifting Safety

The goals of this course are to promote safety in manual lifting. They are:
  • to make the trainee fully aware of the potential dangers associated with lifting,
  • to show trainees how to avoid unnecessary stress on the back through the use of proper lifting techniques, and
  • to make each person aware of his or her physical limits in terms of the types and maximum weights of objects he or she can handle safely.
Course Contents:
  • “Warnings”: (Individual's Capacity, Weight of the Load, Lifting Position, etc...)
  • Basic biomechanics of lifting (how the weight of objects lifted is supported by the back)
  • Basic physiology and the effects of unskilled lifting on the body
  • Individual awareness of the body's strengths and weaknesses
  • Risk factors that increase the potential for back injury (work-specific and life-style-related)
  • Recommendations on how to improve life-style to reduce the potential for back injury (strength and fitness training, sleeping positions, etc...)
  • Handling skills (body mechanics, load-moment effects, etc...)
  • Handling aids (use of platforms, tables, steps, carts, etc...)
  • Lumbar belts (are they really necessary?)
  • Risk of injury associated with unskilled lifting

Course length: Up to 60 minutes


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