Our Written Guarantee to You

Written Guarantee:

TLC Group stands behind their work and offers their clients the assurance of a written guarantee.

We are 100% confident that, with our guidance and by following our recommendations, your organization will be able to pass any performance-based evaluation of your safety program (such as the Ontario WSIB Workwell Audit or Alberta's WCB PIR Audit).

Example: When we dealt with WSIB Workwell Evaluations, we were the only Safety Consulting Firm in Canada that provided a written guarantee that our client would pass the evaluation or we would pay any resulting surcharge to 100% of paid fees. Our project Proposals included the following statement, which is signed by the President of Total Loss Control Group Inc: 

TLC Group's Written Guarantee:


In the event that (Client’s Name) is inspected by a WORKWELL INSPECTOR, during the period in which we are providing Health & Safety program maintenance services and the said company's Health and Safety Program is evaluated at below 75%, and the deficiency is found to be the result of an oversight or error in the part of TOTAL LOSS CONTROL GROUP INC. and not the oversight or error of one or more employees of (Client’s Name), Total Loss Control Group Inc. will correct the deficiency or deficiencies at no extra cost for training materials or labour. If such an oversight or error in the part of Total Loss Control Group Inc. results in a Workwell penalty being charged to (Client’s Name) Total Loss Control Group Inc. will refund part or all of its consulting fee, that was paid up to that point in time, as required to pay the resulting surcharge.

In the event the notification of an upcoming Workwell Audit is received within one year following the active service period of Total Loss Control Group Inc., we would appreciate being advised of the Audit date, in order to have the opportunity to hold a program review prior to the actual audit. This service is complementary and will be of benefit to both parties.


Mario Migliazza, C.I.M., P.Mgr., C.R.S.P.
Total Loss Control Group Inc.